September 21st, 2012

Fading the Ball with the MGS

The Fade, MGSS Style. The ‘fade’ shot requires a slightly out-to-in path, with slightly more body weight remaining on the back/trail leg, so that the net result is that the clubface opens through impact. It is therefore not a normal MGSS shot. The basic MGSS shots (full-swing, pitch/bunker, chip and putt shot) will never allow the club to arrive at the ball from an outside path, which is created by a slight over-the-top downswing and thus produces less-than-ideal contact with the ball. The adaptation to be made for the ‘fade’ should only be made after the set-up and backswing for a regular swing are easily repeated. The only change to be made is that the golfer ‘twists’ less during the set-up. Or, as some do, twist as much as usual, then undo a bit of the twist. A video has been attached with the same title, in the 'golf videos' section of this blog. A draw is made by aiming the feet slightly right of target and shutting the clubface (as usual), and then using all the other features of the MGSS set-up and backswing. For those with a slightly forward ball-position (MGSS recommends center for all full-swing shots), that could be moved back a bit too, so as to be more centered. This post especially for Mike Kenny.

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