May 25th, 2013

Diary of PGA Seniors’ Championship by Kitchenaid – a SUMPTUOUS BUFFET

Diary of PGA Seniors’ Championship by Kitchenaid in St Louis

Senior Pros Partake of a SUMPTUOUS on to understand

The game of golf has come such a long way since it was played by shepherds in the wilds of Scotland, few of those crook-toting, sheep-minding folks would recognize it as the game of ‘gawf’ they played a few hundred years ago. The pebble has became a perfect round Screen shot 2013-05-25 at 2.35.23 PM The ‘crook’ now costs upwards of $500

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The golf swing for women has changed dramatically Screen shot 2013-05-25 at 2.36.31 PM The golf swing for men has changed dramatically Screen shot 2013-05-25 at 2.36.15 PM So, you did not see any changes in the golf swing? Look carefully, one more time: Screen shot 2013-05-25 at 2.36.15 PM No? It still seems like only the apparel has changed? YOU’RE RIGHT! That’s all that has! The swing only changed in so much as there are now teachers who charge you to have you do what the shepherds did instinctively! (THEY’d never heard of science out in the wild country of the Kingdom of Fife either). If you do not believe the currently used golf swing is science-free, listen to these comments, verbatim from transcripts of interviews this week at the PGA Seniors’ Championship by Kitchenaid: Tom Watson, pre-event interview: I hope I get into some sort of groove. Every now and then I hit a really good shot, but then I’m hitting some pretty lousy shots too. My consistency is way off.... It can turn around. It does. It takes one swing a lot of times. You say, “WELL THAT’s THE KEY RIGHT THERE”. That’s what I’m close to, I think, I think I had a couple ideas, one of those two I hope works. Bernhard Langer after round 1: I just played pretty poorly. I had several double crossers. Mostly to the right. I think I was in the water four times today.... Just nothing really went my way. Jay Don Blake: Yeah I like the way I started to hit the ball.... Roger Chapman: I haven’t played very well this week..... never got it going at all today Loren Roberts: So I was all over the place, but got it up-and-down from everywhere Tom Wargo: I drove it really good enough to be probably in contention to make the cut, but my irons were just terrible....I think I made three doubles and a quad off my irons. The irons, I struggled with them all the tournament Tom Kite: Well it was a little inconsistent Tom Watson after round one: I didn’t hit the ball very well. I hit the ball off line a bunch of times..... I would like to be hitting the ball from the fairway a few more times. I hope my ball striking gets a little bit more consistent and that I don’t leave myself with 30-footers for pars. Bernhard Langer recovers with a 67 after a 79 on Day 1: I hit some balls last night and found something that obviously worked and hit a lot more fairway, a lot more greens today. SENIOR PROS of the CHAMPIONS TOUR - this is NOT some BUFFET YOU’RE AT! Trying out a BIT OF THIS AND A BIT OF THAT!  You should be THE CHEF at YOUR OWN PARTY, and KNOW EVERY INGREDIENT that GOES INTO EVERY ENTREE, and ALL THOSE THAT CAN RUIN THE DISH TOO! The Minimalist Golf Swing System (MGSS) places all your joints in positions so that from top-of-backswing to impact they all unwind in perfect sequential order while all YOU do is enjoy the outcome! The MGSS IS UNIQUE BECAUSE it not only gives you good positions, BUT ALSO LOCKS OUT YOUR ABILITY TO MAKE ANY BAD MOVEMENTS.


Tomorrow: see the swings of Tom Kite, Tommy Armour III and more for how their joints do not all match up for IDEAL IMPACT.    

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