May 18th, 2012

Chipping off uneven lies

How should the club approach the ball during a regular chip shot, in order to impart just enough height to to the ball for it to safely clear the green; land; and then run all the way to the hole? (in terms of the ball flight laws - especially path and angle of approach). How, then, should the club be moving differently, if the ball is on an uphill lie (ie. the lead foot is higher than the trail foot)? Such a lie is common, as many greens are crowned and slope upwards. More importantly, how should the club NOT be moving? Sometimes a lot of shots can be saved simply by knowing what the club should do and what is a definite no-no, when the ball's lie makes one stand on uneven ground. Then one simply has to move the arms correctly in order to deliver the club appropriately to the ball. Any suggestions?

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