May 14th, 2014

Charles Barkley – Anatomy of his Golf Swing

Iconic basketball player-turned golf enthusiast whose swing is

a great source of entertainment to many

A golf student once said, "If the Minimalist Golf Swing is truly as great as you claim, it should surely help Charles Barkley's swing where many, including Hank Haney in the Hank Haney Project, have tried and failed".

Hank Haney, in Episode 5 of the Golf Channel Hank Haney Project says that the problem is not mental. You can then see him work with Barkley on maintaining the level of the head throughout the swing, instead of dropping it down a foot or more, which is the main reason Barkley tends to have a very strange hiatus in the middle of his downswing.

Screen shot 2014-05-14 at 4.24.44 PM

It's not that simple to cure such a fault. A 'don't' instruction is not easy to follow. It should be replaced with a 'do so-and-so instead' type instruction. And the 'do' must place all Barkley's joints, at the top, so that he CANNOT drop down, or rather, his brain does not feel the desperate need to make his body lower its level, in the hope of delivering the club to the ground.

Many very tall golfers tend to not be able to remain in posture during the downswing and stand up, and after repeatedly missing the ball, although they are often superb athletes, develop the instinctive habit of dropping the body down to simply try to scrape the ground and scoop the ball up!

See the video of his swing and some recommendations:


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