November 17th, 2012

Ball Flight Laws for the SHORT GAME – A TEST of UNDERSTANDING

Ball Flight Laws for the SHORT GAME - A TEST of UNDERSTANDING

If both these ‘finish’ positions are for the short game, would you expect identical or different BALL FLIGHTS to result from the two positions below? In other words, as the main aspect of BALL FLIGHT for the short game is trajectory, would both the finish positions shown here result in the same BALL TRAJECTORY (ie. high vs low shot)? We know that Ball Flight is governed strictly by the BALL FLIGHT LAWS of how the club arrives at the ball, and connects with the ball. After impact, insist many folks, the ball is gone and what the club does will not matter. So, to get back to the question above. If you answered both positions WILL result in the same trajectory, then WHICH aspects of the BALL FLIGHT LAWS make it so? If you answered that both positions will NOT result in the same ball trajectory, then you’re saying FINISH DOES MATTER. So, in that case, which BALL FLIGHT LAW (BFL) governs that? This is a TRAP for all the so-called Ball Flight experts in India and the USA and everywhere in between. So, am posting this on the LPGA T&CP and the National Golf Academy of India facebook pages as well as on my blog and hope to get MANY RESPONSES to this IMPORTANT CHALLENGE to the BFL!

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