Your swing – and Tiger’s – should resemble a modern car

Where Tiger – and YOU – go wrong Concepts about the golf swing have truly never evolved since the time shepherd boys insouciantly swung their crocks and knocked pebbles into holes. Not in any meaningful, scientific manner. So, although Tiger’s coaches have all been smart folks, none of them has ever dared think ‘outside-the-box’ enough […]


TIGER WOODS June ’15 – an ANATOMICAL & BIOMECHANICAL Analysis SIMPLIFIED [By a golf instructor with BS (physics, math); MS (sports science ie anatomy, orthopedic assessment, biomechanics, exercise physiology, exercise testing & prescription, sports nutrition etc.);                             PhD (biomechanics – student).] Musculoskeletal Anatomy = the study […]

Tiger’s has chipping ‘yips’? Nonsense!

Tiger’s chipping ‘yips’ – Hello Golf World, you need some ‘Anatomy 101’! The whole golf world is commenting on Tiger’s ‘yips’. A word I’d save only for neuro-musculo-skeletal issues. Such as when there is a physical twitch with the trail hand during the down-stroke. Tiger has the chipping ‘yips’? Utter rubbish. It’s the fact that […]

Tiger Woods and his Swing Coaches

Tiger Woods and his Swing Coaches     As any undergraduate course on the subject will explain, the purpose of studying sports biomechanics is three-fold: To understand the mechanism of injury of sports movements, and then rectify the cause (by either reducing any loads which are beyond the ability of various body-tissue to tolerate, or […]

Tiger Woods at the Players’ Championship 2013

Tiger Woods at the Players’ Championship 2013 A chip shot on the 16th hole, round 3 – where Tiger made up-and-down for birdie The frequently-asked question is: Will Tiger match Jack Nicklaus’ Majors’ records? The answer: not unless he can execute each shot with more precision – because the competition, once left far behind him […]

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