Your swing – and Tiger’s – should resemble a modern car

Where Tiger – and YOU – go wrong Concepts about the golf swing have truly never evolved since the time shepherd boys insouciantly swung their crocks and knocked pebbles into holes. Not in any meaningful, scientific manner. So, although Tiger’s coaches have all been smart folks, none of them has ever dared think ‘outside-the-box’ enough […]

Jordan Spieth – An Anatomical Analysis of his Swing

Jordan Spieth Jordan Spieth – current number one golfer in the world. Great golfer, great human being! This is an anatomical analysis of his swing, showing how even he can get still better with an anatomical solution. You would find little of significance to  complain about with regard to his swing, using traditional means of […]

The MOST important thing about the golf swing

The MOST important thing about the golf swing Regardless of anything else, the golf club MUST approach the ball FROM THE INSIDE. NOT merely enough to strike the ball at it’s center, but on it’s inside right quadrant (for a right-handed golfer). To enable this, there are very many compensatory moves you can use, while […]

Anatomy of the Golf Swing – Why it Matters

Anatomy of the Golf Swing – Why it Matters What does ‘anatomy of the golf swing’ mean, and why does it matter? Typically an ‘anatomy of the golf swing’ article or book will merely talk of which muscles are active at what stage of the golf swing. Whose golf swing? A ‘generally accepted as correct’ […]

Colin Montgomery 2014 – the Anatomy of his Putting Stroke

Colin MOntgomery’s PUTT STROKE Every stroke – from full-swing to putt – uses muscle and thus joint movement to propel the club. Therefore, in all cases is assessing the anatomy of the stroke vital. That is also why the Minimalist Golf Swing SYSTEM is a system designed to go from understanding desired ball-movement; to planning […]

YOUR top-of-backswing position could be INEFFICIENT

  IS YOUR top-of-Backswing position INCORRECT? We all agree that the golf downswing is an underarm movement, right? Like a tennis ground stroke, NOT serve? Try this simple test to see if YOUR top-of-backswing position is able to let you make an UNDERARM movement during the downswing Get into your normal top-of-backswing position Drop your […]

Consistency with YOUR golf backswing? A SIMPLE TEST.

Consistency with YOUR golf backswing? A SIMPLE TEST. The ONLY WAY for the club to arrive at the ball is FROM THE INSIDE, with an UNDERARM movement. At the top of your backswing are your hands set for a tennis over-arm serve? Are they wrapped right around you? Do many right-side joints need to be […]

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