Results from Recent Minimalist Golf Swing Research – Part II

Some Exciting Results from Recent Research on the Minimalist Golf Swing – the world’s only anatomically efficient golf swing Part II While Part I was data collected using motion capture and force plates, Part II is based on comparing a golfer’s existing swing’s muscle activation patterns with the Minimalist Golf Swing patterns after a single […]

Jordan Spieth – An Anatomical Analysis of his Swing

Jordan Spieth Jordan Spieth – current number one golfer in the world. Great golfer, great human being! This is an anatomical analysis of his swing, showing how even he can get still better with an anatomical solution. You would find little of significance to  complain about with regard to his swing, using traditional means of […]

The MOST important thing about the golf swing

The MOST important thing about the golf swing Regardless of anything else, the golf club MUST approach the ball FROM THE INSIDE. NOT merely enough to strike the ball at it’s center, but on it’s inside right quadrant (for a right-handed golfer). To enable this, there are very many compensatory moves you can use, while […]

Tom Watson with his closest ’employees’

Tom Watson with his closest ’employees’ – copy-pasted from the 2013 PGA Seniors’ Championship- [To be followed by a review of “Tom Watson Lessons of a Lifetime II – new advanced lessons – 69 of them!] Watch out for a new section on this blog – ‘reviews’, and add your comments too… Did you know […]


Make THIS your BEST-EVER Golf Year In the new video with this title (in this blog, in the section ‘golf videos’) are some ‘helpful hints’ on what you might consider doing to make the New Year an exciting one for you – GOLF-wise. Have posted several videos over the past few weeks which give a […]

Club Positions vs Body Positions – The age-old debate

Club Positions vs Body Positions – The age-old debate When assessing a golf swing, should one look at club positions or body positions? This is a battle that has been raging for as long as people have been swinging! ‘Swing the clubhead’, ‘swing on the shaft plane’, ‘don’t let the shaft be laid-off or across’, […]

Stack and Tilt and Sergio Garcia’s swing

Stack and Tilt and Sergio Garcia’s swing The S&T folks named Sergio as someone who exemplifies what S&T is all about, (they show pictures of Sam Snead, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Johnny Miller in their backswings and all of them too have an S&T position halfway or so into their backswings). Even though those […]

Fading the Ball with the MGS

The Fade, MGSS Style. The ‘fade’ shot requires a slightly out-to-in path, with slightly more body weight remaining on the back/trail leg, so that the net result is that the clubface opens through impact. It is therefore not a normal MGSS shot. The basic MGSS shots (full-swing, pitch/bunker, chip and putt shot) will never allow […]

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